Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{DIY} From Birchbox Boxes to Drawers // Organization

When you have a Birchbox subscription, you get a pretty cardboard box that all of your samples come in.

What I did was I found a shoebox that fit all 6 box halves and cut it so there would be three each would fit. (One side is larger than the other since the box halves aren't all the same size since it's top and bottom) With the shipping box, I cut out strips to hold each drawer up with and then a bigger piece to cover the bottom. I first put it together with a hot glue gun and then I taped it with masking tape to reinforce it.

There's plenty of other tutorials on youtube and on other blog sites though. You can always just search it up. I watched and read a few a long while ago and just winged it when I made this.

As you can see, I use it to store my make-up. There's a drawer each for overall face items, eye-liners/mascaras, blush/bronzers, lip gloss/lip stick, and two for eye shadows. I keep these drawers inside one dresser drawer with the rest of my make up things, jewelry, and hair supplies.

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