Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

My Boyfriend took me out for a Valentine's Date! EXCEPT! IT wasn't Valentine's. He took me out on the 12th because he had to go back home to spend the 14th with his mother for her birthday. He's such a sweetie.

He gave me red tulips ( I have ALWAYS wanted red tulips for Valentine's Day) and a new dress in the morning which I wore out. He totally lied to me the day before in order to surprise me. Tried to make me think we wouldn't do any Valentine's stuff until a week or so after.

He took me to the CROWN & CRUMPET!!!! I've wanted to go there ever since I first visited Ghirardelli Square and laid my eyes on the cutee, super pink, tea shop. Sadly, I couldn't go that day because it was a short visit.

Picturees of thee day:

YAY! It's OPEN!!!

The place looked so cute and pretty overall. Pictures can't do justice to the feeling you get being inside and seeing everything!

The entire shop was decorated, including the tables. This was just mine. Every table was unique, just like everything in the shop.

Where did all the food and tea go?!?! We filled our tummys! xD

Saturday, February 6, 2010

AOD/My First Lolita Outfit

This past Saturday I attended AOD: Animation On Display 2010 in Japantown, San Francisco. It was my first time going to that convention. I went with my "friend" Brendon. I figured it'd be great to wear my first Lolita outfit to Japantown and get to visit Baby the Stars Shine Bright ^_^

I went for Saturday only and it was a great way to end my first week of classes. Although, I never did get rest until last night >.<
I don't have a camera so, I didn't get to take any pictures. Brendon had his camera and was cosplaying Noctis from one of the Final Fantasy games. We had a mini-photoshoot with his dying camera at the end of the night at a cathedral.

Brendon is now my boyfriend ^_^
I was asked out at the end of the night!

How lovely, my first lolita outfit, my first time at AOD, and getting a boyfriend ^_^

Getting ready in the morning! Heap of clothes xD

Getting ready in the morning. Here's my heap of clothes for the day, lying on my bed in front of my closet.

Big Door
Big Door....

Pole Hugger
Here's my outfit with my Jacket. Sorry the front doesn't show.

Click above for Outfit Rundown!

Here's my outfit. Please excuse the silly pose. It showed my outfit best.
Also, Made my petti a bit too long >.<

Face Shot xD

Felt I should show my curls (Here's me at the Convention)
My eye is smaller in and my curls are already dying in this picture, guess it didn't actually help >.<

Me and my now boyfriend. I was sorta tired.

What a Lovely Day ^_^