Monday, November 14, 2011

My Poupee Girl

Do any of you play on poupeegirl?

Meet my poupee, CalaMari.
Don't you just love the tea party background? Poupee Girl November 13 2011
Haha, so this was my first time making a gif. I've always wanted to try and here I see I've made a grainy one. Not very good quality at all, but oh well. I like it enough. I am proud. Tee Hee :]

If you've never heard of the Poupee Girl game, it is a Japanese website where you can dress up your own character. In case you're wondering poupee is French for doll, so you have a virtual doll to dress up. It's fun because you can go virtual shopping for your doll. You use "ribbons" as payment and the way you get it is by playing on the site and doing certain things: Logging in, uploading pictures of your own real items, commenting on other people's items, and more. Poupeegirl is also a great way to have a virtual record of your closet.
I think it's pretty awesome and it helps me when I'm trying to save money. I can see all the good stuff I have in my closet and I can go virtual shopping without actually losing money! I also try to dress my poupee in lolita clothes since I don't get to wear lolita as often and my loli closet just isn't as big as my poupee's! Tee hee!
If you play on poupeegirl, add me as a friend and we'll collect ribbons together!
If I convinced you to play too, let me know!