Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here's to 2013!

Hello to the new year! Although it's already the 9th day of it, I have yet to really sit down and think about my resolutions. This isn't something I have been doing for many years, or even regularly the past few. Okay, fine. I've only done it like once.
I usually go through the year thinking about improvements I need to make about myself and see what I can do about it then. I never really thought of the new year being like a clean slate. I really just liked celebrating. New Years with my family has just always been the best holiday celebration! Anyways, going through the year randomly thinking hasn't completely helped, so I thought I would give this New Year's resolution thing a go. Writing it down (and especially publicly) may just keep me on the path!

  • Start a real skin regime
    I am really lucky to have the skin I do because I don't break out often, my skin is pretty smooth, and I don't have too much redness all while not washing my face everyday and not always washing off my make up. Some days I just get lazy, but after more breakouts than normal this past 2012 and having stared at my blackheads and huge pores, I really want to do something about it.
    I don't actually know where to start, so if any of you out there have any tips for me, they shall be greatly welcome!
  • Become an "Early to bed and early to rise[r]"
    Okay, so I'm not on a good start with this (and haven't been for these 9 days). Proof being the time that I am posting this. I think all the stress and lack of sleep have been a big factor to my 2012 break outs, so I want to change that. Plus, I think it's better for my health. Which brings me to...
  • Have a healthier lifestyle
    I want to start scheduling myself to exercise so that I will actually do it. I want to start eating smaller portions, more fruits, and vegetables. I want to start cooking myself instead of going out to eat all the time. Health is very important and I really want to start feeling more energized instead of tired and sluggish all the time. I think that it is because of my current college lifestyle.
  • Be better at keeping track of my finances
    I need to start budgeting, not just spending until I have barely anything for the month and then starving until the next. Okay, I haven't been starving, but I tend to buy unnecessary things at the beginning of the month and end up eating canned/frozen foods until the end of the month which is not healthy.
  • Be a better girlfriend
    I am so lucky to have my boyfriend because I don't think I could have survived 2012 the way I did without him. I really depend on him for a lot and tended to push all my frustrations and stress on him. He still stuck with me though. I really want to stop pushing my negativity on him and find healthier alternatives. That is my number 1 goal with this, but I also want to allot more time together and cook real meals for him.
  • Be a better daughter
    I am extremely lucky to have my parents. I really owe them a lot. I want to start helping around more often such as doing more chores, but I also want to help financially so I need to get a part-time job this semester. I want to strike up real quality conversations as well so that we can really get to know each other better. 
  • Be a better officer for League of Filipino Students
    It is the organization I am an officer for at SFSU. I need to get on my A game for fundraising and to be better at reaching deadlines. Other than those duties, I really want to get involved as much as possible and to learn as much as I can. I want to really get to know everyone in the organization as well. And last, but not least...
  • Be a better blogger
    As you all can see, I do not update often. I make lists of ideas and things to blog about and never pull through. 
If any of you have tips for any of these goals, they would be very much appreciated!
Have you been able to follow through with any of your New Year's Resolutions?

This is also the year that I want to open up my Calamari Designs shop! After thinking about it passively for years, I will really do it this year!