Thursday, October 31, 2013

September/October Beauty Buys

Here all all my beauty buys for September and October!

I got more Biore Nose Strips and I decided to try out this Freeman Anti-Stress Mask. Reviews to come :]

I got more masks from Ichiban Kan and saw a coil hair removal item and decided that I'll try it out. I'm kind of scared though! Haha! 

The next two items are actually freebies because I won the Smashbox primer on their FB. And the Jo Malone fragrance was a giveaway when you send a digital peony on their website.

The freebie is half the size of mine! Mine's actually not the full size version either. I purchased it at the Sephora counter area.

The packaging was so lovely. It was quite wasteful to send that tiny bottle in a big box and to insert so much tissue, but it did seem very luxurious.

Origins was having a special where every purchase came with a box of deluxe samples. I bought the tinted moisturizer though.

I was actually just looking for eye cream when I bought this 3-step set. I saw that the eye cream by itself (same amount oz) was half the price of this set and I was already thinking of getting a night moisturizer as well which would have been the price of the set, so I decided to get it.

Please let me know if you'd like a review on any of these items in the comments below :]

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