Tuesday, October 29, 2013

September/October Fashion Buys

Too much shopping for me? Maybe...
Columbus Day Weekend had so many sales, it was too hard not to shop. 

I bought these two solid sweaters from Old Navy. I actually also bought plain black v-neck long sleeves and a belt (both purely for utilitarian purposes such as work, so I decided not to picture them here, but I can if anyone's actually interested).

I bought everything else from Forever 21. Four tops and five dresses. All pretty summer-y, but I think I can work them into my fall/winter wardrobe :)

I plan on using this under sweaters for a nice pop of color this fall.

I love love love this top! Also to be used under sweaters this fall. I love nautical themes, so I love the anchors! I didn't have chambray anything, so I've very excited to have this now. I one day want a plain chambray button up with long sleeves and a chambray dress.

Isn't this tank awesome? I got it to amuse my boyfriend. He's into reading superhero comics (not just Marvel). Anyways, he's totally my superhero ;]

I really only noticed the sale when I saw this window pane pattern blouse. I snatched it immediately. I later was lucky enough to find a dress with the same pattern in my size! I've been loving this trendy pattern ever since I saw Michaela Conlin wearing a blouse with it on Bones.

I'm so happy to have some pink dresses in my wardrobe now! I always seem to get in the mood for a super girly pink outfit whenever I want to wear a dress recently, however all of my dresses are black or blue.

I guess since I bought two pink dresses I had to add one more blue and one more black one! I'm pretty excited for this dress though since I think I'll be able to wear it a lot this fall and winter. I think it'd be great with leggings and boots. With a sweater and/or cardigan for fall, then a sweater and jacket for winter!

This maxi dress is pretty out of my comfort zone and I'm not sure if I want to keep it. It has a faux leather bodice and really thin spaghetti straps. It's actually even a little too long. I bought it though and I may wear it for a Halloween costume, but I'm still not sure.

Speaking of Halloween, what will you be dressing as this year?

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