Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{Event} Steinhart Aquarium's 90th Anniversary

California's Academy of Sciences holds a Night Life event every Thursday and on September 26, they had a Roaring 20's theme in honor of the Steinhart Aquarium's 90th Anniversary.

They had a table with pictures of the old aquarium and also the skulls of the animals that lived there when it first opened. There were people there watching the table making sure nobody touches the skulls and also answering any questions.

There were so many things to see. There were live animals, statues, and displays. I would recommend attending a Night Life to everybody! Especially if you love museums. You get to explore the museum after regular hours for a cheaper price too! They also have stations where you can buy alcohol (Night Life is a 21+ only event). They had special drinks

There was even a craft table at this event where people could make head pieces for their 20's outfit. There's even a lab area. If you see the corner of the bottom photo it says "Not a public area Real scientists at work"

My wonderful boyfriend drove 2 hours to get me here :]

My Outfit Rundown:
Dress: Soprano Soprano Soprano (For sale HERE)
Coat: Target
Cardigan: Audrey & Grace
Shoes: Payless

SF Station even took our photo and put it on their site! 

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