Wednesday, July 24, 2013

June Birchbox - Late I know >_<

Hi all, sorry I forgot to post on Tuesday. I spent the day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. They have great coasters!
Anyways, my boyfriend got me a 3-month Birchbox subscription for my birthday. *Thank you sweetheart!* It's quite late, but this is what I got in my June Birchbox.

Everything was packaged so nicely. I still have to think about what I'm going to do with the box. Believe it or not though, my favorite item wasn't a beauty product, but this group of postcards they included. That's because I actually collect postcards. I try to get one from every place I've been. I haven't been to these places from the Birchbox, but I love the designs and they'd be cute on my wall.

I don't see myself using the shaving cream as I got an epilator, but I will see. Face wipes are always useful, so I'm glad this was included. I personally am not a fan of Juicy couture's perfumes. I've smelled quite a bitt at stores, so I'm not even going to try this one. I may give it away to someone who likes their scents. I don't know that I will be keeping the nail polish as I have a similar shade and I haven't been able to wear nail polish anyways. I am excited about the sunblock though as I am trying to wear it everyday.

I got these welcome messages since it was my first Birchbox ever. Also, I think that's why there's a pink exclamation point slip. I suppose when you make the order as a gift, you can choose to include a message which they only add onto the receipt paper. Not very cute on Birchbox's part, but cute on the gifter's part. Just letting you know if you plan on gifting a subscription don't count on them including a cute little card. Although I'm not so excited about most of the individual products this month, I still love the gift. It's realy exciting to recieve a package in the mail too! Overall, it is a lovely gift to anybody interested in trying out new beauty products. 

*And if you're ever reading this: Thank you Donnie!*

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