Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Currently Watching: Mako Mermaids and Updates

It's been such a long time since I updated this section on my blog. I watch so many shows that I'd rather just watch them instead of blog about it. However, I think I'll continue to blog if a series really interests me. I can also add in updates on the bottom of the post about other shows I'm watching.
I just saw "Mako Mermaids" under "Recently Added" on Netflix and screamed out of excitement. It is a sequel of "H2O" which is about three girls who become mermaids. I loved the series, probably because I love fantasy and also because it's set on the Gold Coast of Australia (top of my list of places I'd like to visit). I was also doing a school project on Queensland, Australia when I decided to watch the series.
It was very much a children's/teens' television series, that was a bit too childish at the beginning for me, but grew with time. Each Season was a slightly different storyline which was cool.
I'm pretty excited to watch Mako Mermaids as I personally was left wanting more at the end of H2O. Unfortunately, I really wanted to know what would happen with the original girls although their storyline was pretty over. Mako Mermaids sounds pretty different which is good. Instead of land girls turning into mermaids, this show has mermaids who protect the island and will try out the land I suppose. I'm currently wondering whether this is before or after H2O chronologically in their world. 
According to Wikipedia, Mako Mermaids debuted on Network Ten as Mako: Island of Secrets on July 26, 2013. The same day the entire first half of the season debuted on Netflix. So, I suppose you get to watch way more faster if you have Netflix! The rest of the first season arrives on Netflix in September (not too long if you ask me!)
Anyways, aside from mermaids, I have just completed the first season of New Girl on Netflix. Still not sure if I want to watch the rest on Fox or just wait and see if Netflix uploads it.
Now as for what's currently airing on TV, I've been following Drop Dead Diva and Devious Maids. I'm so glad they renewed Drop Dead Diva instead of ending at last season's cliffhanger. I really want to know who Jane end's up with! I've been watching Devious Maids because it airs right after Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime and the commercials make it seem so intriguing! I don't particularly like how the show highlights the stereotype that Latinas are maids, but I'm glad that there is a prime time tv series with Latinas as the main cast. I've also been watching Baby Daddy and I just love that series. I think it's quite funny. They seem to be appearing out of order though.
Also, to end with, I am sad that Jane by Design from ABC Family was cancelled.
No wonder it hasn't come up in over a year. Wikipedia does have an explanation of what would have happened in Season 2 according to the writer.
Shows I'm especially excited to start back up again: Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. Nearly added The Walking Dead to that list, but I'm not anxiously awaiting it's return.
Whoa that was a lot of words, I congratulate you if you read all that through. Feel free to fangirl TV series with me. You can comment here or email me to shield others from spoilers if they haven't watched :)

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