Friday, August 12, 2011

Last May I won Julie Doll's giveaway for her handmade Shooting Star Hairpin Brooches. It arrived in a bubble mailer and the packaging was just so adorable! Just look at the lovely little bag and how it all looks together.
She even included stickers of her etsy shop and a nice little note. It felt so personal. I don't know if she always includes these things since I won them instead of purchasing them, but it really made me feel appreciated as a reader. Definitely check out her blog. She dresses in Lolita often and does a lot of themes depending on where she's going. Her fashion style is always lovely and exciting to see.
The Shooting Star is so great! It's really well made and very sturdy. I haven't gotten to wear it yet because I don't wear Lolita much at all in the summer. I'm so excited for the fall weather to come! I've had my coordinate planned for months now!

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