Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Poshmark Finds #1

So, if you saw my Poshmark post, you may have noticed how Poshmark obsessed I am right now. They recently had a Posh Love Days special where the app users got $3 off shipping for two days and I went shopping and got some great deals!

Here's a preview from the app, so you can peak at what else I'll be posting:

And now here are my finds: the shoe edition! First off what I purchased from @nrd_hrd.

Yes, I got a jellie bundle. I've actually never tried jellies out before this, so I'm excited to try. I have been wanting a ton of different colored flats, so I thought this bundle would be a great way to get that look.

She even included this 7th pair from Old Navy. It's actually my favorite and most comfortable pair, so I'm so glad she did! I actually misread some of her listings as I rushed the purchase because I only had an hour left of $3 off shipping and 3 of the shoes ended up being size 5 and that's just too small for me.

Now for my purchase from @styledbykblake. This is actually a September purchase aside from the $3 off shipping, so I paid full for this. If you remember my post about my picks from Vivi magazine, you may recall my search for platform wedges with straps.

Now, I've actually been searching for black ones, but I couldn't find ones in my size and price point. I think this blush color may actually be better though. I can always buy dye to color it black if I want in the future.

I do recommend these two sellers if you shop Poshmark. With the @nrd_hrd bundle though, she deleted her original postings of the jellies individually once she created the bundle, which made it difficult for me to make sure what I was ordering. I would just recommend asking her not to delete the listings until after you purchase or after delivery. I don't think it's too much to ask of a seller. I didn't mind too much though. I'd still recommend :)

If you shop Poshmark, what have your favorite buys been?

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  1. Wow, the blush coloured wedges are just darling! And I love how colourful the jellies are - I haven't tried any jellies before but they look squishy and comfortable ^_^


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