Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Fashion Buys

Sorry for the Unexpected Hiatus in the middle of August! Good news, I just got a job! Anyhoo, this is a fashion buys post!

I was actually planning to do a post on everything I purchased this August, but I'm also thinking that the post will be too long once my Poshmark purchases arrive. 

Before you assume I'm a shop-a-holic or have tons of shopping money, I just want to say that I typically only buy one or two items every 2 months or so. I just got over excited at having a job and now owe too much money (don't follow my example of spending money you don't have) and I felt like my wardrobe really needed an update as I was squeezing myself into small clothes and wearing clothes that just didn't suit my current style.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this clothing haul type post, but I've been thinking that it'd be a great way to keep track of what I'm purchasing every month and to be able to look back at how old my clothes are!

So, these are my new clothes that I bought new! My next August buys (cont.) will actually all be second hand clothes purchased through Poshmark.

There's definitely a trend in the types of tops I'm attracted to huh? My favorite is the knot design! Next, I should probably get tops with sleeves!
The skirts are actually REVERSABLE! It's so awesome! I defintely plan on wearing my new blouses with my skirts, I think they totally match!

I have been loving flats once again. I had been avoiding swede/swede-like shoes for a while because of the necessary upkeep, but I just love the texture that I couldn't stay away! The brown ones are actually supposed to be taupe, but it only looks taupe in natural, bright lighting.

I totally just got into the bracelet stacking trend. I used to hate wearing bracelets, but I just loved the look so much that I got used to wearing them! I've been making more myself as well. Possible DIY posts to come, so let me know if you'd like to see some!

What was your favorite purchase this summer?

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