Tuesday, September 10, 2013

August Birchbox

Here's my August Birchbox and here's the list of contents:

I love the packaging on that shampoo, I'm pretty excited to try it. I usually brush my hair before showering to prevent having to deal with a ton of tangles. Sometimes, I'm in a rush and don't pre-brush, so I plan to try this detangling shampoo on one of those days. Moisturizer is always great, so I'm excited for that. I've never thought that I'd need fresh feet wipes, I think I'll just bring this along next time I go camping or to the beach. I've never received make-up before, so that was interesting. I did put in the beginning questionnaire that I'd prefer skincare products over makeup. I'm not a big eye shadow wear-er so I may give this to a friend. I'm so glad I got this lipstick because I've been wanting a new one!

Then, it came with this double sided fold out. It has plenty of ideas and also a coupon for Ann Taylor.

This is my last box of my 3-month subscription and I don't feel the need to purchase another one. It was a lovely gift from my boyfriend and I was always excited to see something come in the mail. I may purchase another subscription service in the future if I have more disposable income, but until then goodbye Birchbox.


  1. I quite enjoy trying new products but I don't think it's worth the cost either. But feet wipes!! Something I never even knew I needed!



  2. The perfect smoky eye looks pretty good. Nice August birchbox.

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