Sunday, June 3, 2012

Outfit Post: Purple+Yellow+ Lines?

My wonderful garage! Haha, last place I exit before leaving the house has the full length mirror. And of course the mirror had to have a dirty smudge right where my face is. Haha, oh well. And sorry about the low quality photos. I didn't think to get my camera, so I used my phone for the day. Anyways, here's my outfit rundown for my super casual outfit: 
Cardigan: Frenchi Nordstrom
Shirt: MossimoTarget
Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger Costco
Shoes: Shoemart Philippines
Bag: Fossil

Here's a link to my tumblr where I wrote about what I did today or rather yesterday since it's so late: Saturday, June 2, 2012
It also explains the awesome green/red stuff on my arm.

Been a long time since a real outfit post. I'll try to post these more often. I do have quite a bit of old ones that I just hadn't gotten around to posting.


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