Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Fragrance Sample! Boss Orange

I was reading Thrifty and Thriving and she posted about a free sample to be sent to your home.

Here's the link if you'd like to go striaght to the sample giveaway:
Hurry because it's only until supplies last!

Thrifty and Thriving is a wonderful blog to follow for couponing and great deals!

Here's a picture of the bottle. I don't think the sample will be like this. I might just turn out to be one of those "one-use moist towelettes" type or a really tiny bottle/spray. I really hope it's the spray/bottle type because the moist towelette type really isn't much at all.

Anyways, the bottle looks alright. I do love the orange color, but nothing really interests me about the bottle shape at all. I wouldn't jump at the chance to buy and add this one to my perfume bottle collection, but I wouldn't deny it if it were free. I do wonder how it smells though!

Good luck! I hope you'll be able to attain a sample!

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