Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Newly Realized Dream of Perfume Bottle Collecting

As my title explains, I have begun to collect perfume bottles. My boyfriend has been big on colognes for a while now and he would constantly bring me to shop with him. The more he talked about colognes, the more I learned about perfumes. That's when I decided that I wanted to find my signature scent. I wanted to find the perfect scent for my personality and look. I still haven't found my scent, but I am definitely still searching!
Anyways, during my search I have collected a lot of samples and also have become obsessed with perfume bottles. There are so many pretty bottles in the the world! I don't like all the scents though, so sometimes I wish I could just buy the bottle. I have always been a fan of anything miniature, so I have grown quite a collection of miniature perfume bottles and I hope to collect more. That doesn't mean that I'll never buy full sized bottles, but I am definitely aiming for the miniatures. I just realized how much more interested I am in the look of the bottle than the scent within. I sort of also realized that I love changing scents, so I may never find my signature scent. Collecting samples and miniatures is turning out perfect for my ever changing preferences.
Because of all this I have decided to start a perfume segment of my blog. I am thinking that it'll happen every 2 weeks on Wednesdays. I'm thinking of calling it Pretty Perfumes.
Also, if you have been missing my nails segment. I'm so sorry. I haven't painted my nails all semester. I took a class this semester which required me to have unpainted nails. I don't think the nails segment will be as regular because I still may have trouble painting my nails regularly. I will definitely post whenever I do though.
I am really looking forward to posting about perfumes though. I feel so prepared for this new segment and I can really see this happening. I hope you all will enjoy my new segment!

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