Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Ending

School just ended!!! It's been such a stressful year. I'm so glad it's over! I am worried though that this semester will be my worst semester (grades-wise). I foresee a D and many C's. Ahhh. So bad. I'm usually an A/B student. What happened?! Hopefully I'm wrong!!! Well, with the summer here I should be posting more often and more regularly! Yay!

Now on to my summer goals:

  1. Get a summer Job
  2. Clean up my things from moving out and completely move out of my old apartment
  3. Clean up the apartment I'm moving into and move my things in
  4. Clean out my closet
  5. Get my storeenvy up and running
  6. Get a little DIY-ing done

And so, I leave you with this picture of the summer sky over the Bay Area.

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