Sunday, June 26, 2011

School and Lolita

In just being in college, I find myself afraid of wearing Lolita at school. I am not afraid of the way people will treat me or how they will look at me or what they will say to me. I have gone to school in Lolita and it is quite easy to do at San Francisco State. The problem is that I am no longer just taking General Education classes and have gone onto taking my major courses within Hospitality Management and Tourism under the school of business.

I am afraid of giving the wrong impression on professors and fellow students within my major. Loita is the complete opposite of business wear. These people will most likey be in the Hospitality industry and I just do not want to blow my chances at anything just because of the way I dress. I do believe that there is an appropriate time for everything and Lolita just does not cut it at school for me right now.

I just miss my Lolita clothes really. After my biggest bodyline order back in February, all I wanted to do was dress Lolita, but it just never worked out. The only place I really went out to was school where I did not want to wear lolita. I would feel like it is such a waste to just wear my clothes at home. I was also busy with school work to dress up too. I would dress up when I went out on weekends, but I go home to my parents every weekend. They know about my Lolita clothes, but I would rather just avoid the lecture everytime they see me wearing it. Summer does not work much either because I am at home with my parents and it is too hot anyways. Oh well, hopefully this can change next semester and I can stay in San Francisco a few weekends or something.

What do you think about wearing Lolita at school? Do you think I should just go for it and wear Lolita to school anyways? Is there any kind of compromise you think I can do?

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