Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates since March

Since my last post just updated about my blog, this post will update about my life.

School is over, but I am taking summer school at my local community college. I am taking accounting and I actually find it rather interesting. If I end up really liking it, I may change my major to accounting. I am also trying to find a summer job. I have been trying to find a food type job like at Subway or Cold Stone because it is within the Hospitality Industry, my current major.

I have been out for summer for about a month now and it has actually been pretty exciting. In just the past 2 weeks I have tried Zumba, played tonsof Just Dance 2, visited the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco for Free, watched the musical Avenue Q, and put up a lemonade stand with my cousins to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. I may have done more, but this is what comes to mind the most.

I definately recommend putting out a lemonade stand or something of a similar nature. It is fun to do with family or friends because it is good quality bonding time and you get to see who lives around the neighborhood. I definately recommend some kind of tent or shade and wearing sunblock for doing this in the summer.

Avenue Q was really interesting. The music was really catchy and they brought up lots of issues like sex, racisim, and sexuality in a very different manner. If you did not know already, Avenue Q is a musical with puppets and people kind of like Sesame Street and they teach certain lessons with pictures and song. It is definately not for kids though.

Hopfully I will be able to fully update about other fun and adventures I happen to have in the future!

How has your week been?

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