Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Laying Awake at Night

It's already 1:48 a.m. and I'm wide awake. Every night, even after a long day, I always lay awake thinking of anything and everything. I think about tomorrow, yesterday, today. I think about school and finding a job. I think about relationships between the boyfriend, friends, and family. I think about movies and books. I think about dramas and television series. I think about clothes I have and do not have and all the ways I could put together an outfit. I think about crafts I could make and things I could sell.
And on this particular night, I am up thinking about nail designs I want to try. I bought two packs of fake nails from Daiso and it makes this feeling worse because now I do not have to wait until my current nail designs start chipping. It just makes trying out designs so much more appealing!
Designs to try out:
  • Stripes and Polka dot mix
  • Vintage Floral
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Medival Shield
  • Gradient Colors
I'm still really new to nail art, but I am totally hooked right now. I just keep watching videos on YouTube and nail designs keep popping up on my Tumblr Dashboard!

I wish I could leave you with a picture of my paint-splatter nails I just recently removed*.
I now have a subtle shade of pink, just in case I land a job interview. If it keeps up that I don't get one, I'll just keep painting like crazy on my nails. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up when school starts. I'm really hoping that I'll have more time for myself and fashion this school year. I hate going to school wearing baggy clothes or the same combinations I use all the time. It just doesn't make my day good enough.
I know that it shouldn't matter what I look like, especially since it's just school and everyone's just as stressed out and tired as I am most of the time. I already have a boyfriend too, so it's not like I'm trying to win over other guy's attention. It's just all about self-confidence. When I feel like I look good, I act more out going and am more active. When I dress down, I rarely feel accomplished. It's really rather amazing, the difference in my atittude.

I just like the way I feel when I dress up. I feel like me.

Here's my paint-splatter nails!

And Bonus! My newest and favorite ring! It's a double ring and I've been wanting one forever!

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