Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{Review} Daiso Face Cleanser

So, I meant to buy the black one there as. Reccommended by a friend (it's a face mask that dries and you peel it off). I accidentally bought the grey one, which turned out to be a face cleanser. I should have known from the picture.

It comes in a tube, so it is hygenic. It's sealed as well, so you know if it's been used or not.

The product itself is grey and pretty thick. It's an interesting feeling to smear onto my face. My sister and I thought it was the face mask at first and spread it over our faces, and it obviously didn't dry like a clay mask.

It does however have a clay feeling when applied. Also, it doesn't completely feel as though it was all washed off when I rince. It's nice though because it doesn't seem to strip my skin of moisture. In the summertime, I actually did not feel the need to add moisturizer afterward. 

I wouldn't purchase this again because I have acne issues, and prefer my acne cleansers. However, I think it has it's uses and I still use it occassionally. It was a cheap buy, at Daiso's normal $1.50 price. I do think it's worth a shot if you are looking for a cheap cleanser and have dry skin though. 

*This is NOT a sponsered post. I purchased this product with my own money of my own choice.*

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