Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rest of August Nails

Week of August 22
I visited a friend who recently moved to San Francisco and I got to see her nail polish collection, which she let me try! I was so excited to see that she had glitter polishes! I decided to use red so that we would match! Since school was just starting, I didn't want to overload on the glitter, so I only put it on the ring finger. I've been really liking glitter, especially black glitter! 
(Yet again I cannot tell you the names of the polishes, but I'm pretty sure the brand for both was called Nabi)

Week of August 29
I call these my Incredible Hulk nails! I actually painted them for Harry Potter purposes. I knew I was going to dress up as a Slytherin Student for September first, so I wanted to do matching nails. I was actually going to do plain green, but it didn't feel like enough. I wanted to do something quick because school was so busy, so I decided to do crackle. It would have been much more Slytherin had my crackle polish been silver, but alas, I had none. 
(claire's - green, Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat - Ink Splatter)

Can anybody guess why I dressed up on September 1st? :]

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