Wednesday, October 26, 2011

September Nails

Sorry for my super lateness on this post! It's almost the end of October and I am just now posting my September nails!

Week of September 5
Have any of you watched 2NE1's Music video I am the Best? These nails were inspired by Minzy's nails in the video. Her's are much darker and don't have writing etc. I actually added it in because it looked too white to me, just too bright. The red was to darken the solid whites again. And of course they're covered in glitter!!! I'm kinda sad the thumb got dinged, but oh well. I hope to truly have the correct nail art next time.
(Sally Hansen - French White Cream and Hallucinate, Nabi - Sheer Cream and Red)

Week of September 12
My friend gave my a new polish after I told her about my hunt for an ivory colored nail polish. It turns out it was more clear and cool toned than it looked in the bottle. That whole clear problem happens to me all too many times. Kind of my fault for always wanting understated light colors. Anyways... I decided to add some stickers to the mix this time.
(Nabi-Sheer Cream, Claire's - Flower Stickers)

Week of September 19
School has been super busy and I just didn't have time to really work at a design, so I went with just a solid color. Not even an overcoat (hence the chipping). I choose brown because I thought it'd be nice for the upcoming fall weather. Although, in SF, September seems to be time for Summer weather... Haha, oh well.
(Forever 21 - Brown)

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