Sunday, July 3, 2011

San Francisco Zoo

On Friday, July 1st, Myboyfriend and I visited the San Francisco Zoo to see "Captin America". There was announcement on the website that there would be someone dressed up as Captin America and then he would have a scevenger hunt prepared for you. Sadly, he was not there because there is was a mistake in the website. He was not going to be there until Saturday.

Oh well, we still had tons of fun!

If you are ever in the San Framcisco Area, the zoo is a pretty fun place to go. It's open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from my experience, you can definately see the entire zoo in that time!

The Children's section is so fun because you can pet and feed animals there! I did not do it though because I did not want to smell like an animal for the rest of the day.

There are certain times written around the exihbits with the words Keeper Connection. If you go to the exhibit, you can watch the zookeepers work with the animals and most of the time they will give you a speech. It's very interesting. I got to watch lions and penguins get fed!
There's also a special nocturnal exhibit to watch Aye Ayes from Madagascar. It is kinda scary because it is so dark, but once your eyes adjust you get to see what may be the most active animals in the park! They run around so much! It was much more exciting than seeing the other animals lounging around. Seeing the other animals like that made me feel sad for them to be in the zoo.

Also, this summer's special exhibit is Tarantulas. It was interesting, but so creepy! Their webs really creeped me out!

Anyways, it was a super fun, but tiring day! A bit too much walking... But what can you do? At least it was fun!

My boyfriend and I did not take many pictures of the animals at all, but tons of pictures of us and animal statues and pretending to be certain animals. Tee Hee!
**I will add the pictures later -- we used my boyfriend's camera

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