Sunday, November 9, 2014

Your Items, In Store

Although these are old pictures, I still wanted to share. Isn't it crazy when you see stuff you own in stores when you're not expecting to? It's one thing to have made a recent purchase and walk back into the store wearing it, but after months or years is so unexpected.

Actually, I tend to stay away from stores where I am wearing a recent purchase for fear that it'll look as though I have stolen it right off the rack and walked out, but that's just being a bit too paranoid... Right?

Haha, anyways, the pair you see me wearing in the picture I bought back in February of 2012. I bought it while on a trip to New Orleans. I had only brought one pair of shoes and did not realize how uncomfortable they were for walking around a lot. I went into Payless to get a replacement and surprisingly, this pair was extremely comfortable Once I saw this pair again in October of that year, it really surprised me. It was pretty cool to see the difference of constantly wearing it for 9 months to new and unused. I still own these shoes today and they are still going pretty strong. If you ever seen these shoes in store at Payless, I would highly recommend them. They're very good especially for the price!

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