Sunday, October 19, 2014

{Foods} Macarons

I have been obsessed with eating Macarons! I wasn't interested the first time I heard of them because they just seemed too darned pricey! The first ones I tried were from Cocola Bakery and it was a boxed set that my boyfriend at the time purchased for me to try. I liked them, but I did not feel that they justified the price! When I got into Lolita fashion, many lolitas seemed to LOVE them, and I suppose it affected me and I wanted to give them another shoot. I bought an individual piece from Cocola and it was a bigger size than the set type. It was pretty good, but I never decided to buy anymore because the price just turned me off too much. Then, I saw a review on Trader Joe macarons and I immediately had to try them! I bought a box and I fell in love. I actually liked them better than Cocola's somehow. My boyfriend says I have cheap taste in food, but I don't know if that's true... Maybe his taste it too expensive? Anyways, it was a pack of 12 with 6 chocolate and 6 vanilla. Found in TJ's freezer section with all the desserts. They are priced at about $4 to $5

I believe. Which is way better than $2 for an individual piece. Since then, I have noticed that Trader Joe's has come out with more flavors, but they seem to be seasonal. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

Here is a picture of their Pumpkin flavor during the Thanksgiving season.

It was alright, I definitely went crazy with pumpkin flavor this past Thanksgiving season and bought a ton! I only bought one box that season as it was only alright, I'd rather stick to the Chocolate/Vanilla box. I don't think this should deter you from trying it next Thanksgiving season if they come out again, especially if you enjoy Pumpkin flavor. I didn't get a picture, but during the Holiday season, TJ's came out with peppermint flavor! It was delicious!!! 3 exclamation points! I bought 3 boxes that season. I would have bought more had I more money and if there was more stock! I shared both the Pumpkin and Peppermint flavors with my 5 roommates and we all agreed on the taste!

Since then, I have been craving macarons often and dream of trying Ladurée in Paris. Who's got expensive taste now? For now, I will try whatever I can get my hands on!

**This is actually an old post I found in my drafts box from last year thoughhhh!

What do you think of Macarons?

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