Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Does anyone else have issues commenting on blogs?

I love reading blog posts! I wish I could comment though to feel more part of the blogging community. I don't have much time to make blog posts for my own blog, but I love reading others. With my lack if time, I usually just view on my cellphone. I rarely try to comment unless I have something to say, which leads to long lengthy comments. So I try to comment of these wonderful posts, but somehow things go wrong. The app decides to close or the box won't let me click elsewhere within the text to edit. When this happens I've already written a paragraph! After I either get to frustrated to re-write my comment and it never sees the light of a computer screen or I write a really short comment that didn't really encompass my old one. 
This happens way too much. Like 98% of the time.
This frustrates me and these awesome people who write these blog posts never know that I exisit and love their blog. 

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