Monday, March 18, 2013

Cartoon Art Museum

I know, I know, it's been so long since I posted. I'm a horrible blogger! Wahh! I'm trying my best, but school keeps me so busy! Anyways..
I went to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco this past Saturday the 16th with a friend. It was free because they were doing a G.I. Joe movie promotion. They had cosplayers around the building and they were also giving movie passes. I'm not sure if there was any thing else for it because I was too shy to ask. I don't actually follow G.I. Joe, but I still wanted to get a picture. If anyone knows what characters they're cosplaying and tells me, then you are awesome.
The museum was pretty cool. I wasn't actually sure what type of art I would see there. I didn't really know any of the artists and most of the art was unrecognizable to me, but It all still looked so awesome!! I learned that comics started in 1906 and I read a really old comic from 1913. I thought that was really cool. The back room had a lot of Looney Tunes, so that's really what I recognized. My friend pointed out that someone illustrated a poem called Owl and Pussy (correct me if I'm wrong please) and I read it aloud. Tee hee.
Anyways, here's our picture. I'm on the furthest left if you couldn't tell. I am wearing a Captain America shield sweater (from men's section of Target) and my new hat I got from a Goorin Brothers trunk show/sample sale. Only $10! Sorry, had to plug that in. I will definitely share the info here if I hear about it soon enough.

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