Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Blog

Hello Everyone! I used to have an old blog, which I will be leaving up at The reason why I'm starting up a new one is because I did nott feel like my old blog was what I wanted to accomplish for myself. I could have just continued on with my old blog and just went in the new direction, but I really just wanted to start fresh. In all honesty though, this blog will probably be similar, because it is still me. I'll actually be uploading old blog posts from my old blog here that I feel go with my new direction. I really want to start blogging regularly and here is what I want for my blog now:

  • It is mostly going to be a sort of random blog about myself.

  • I am going to post about my day and especially about events I attend and what not.

  • I also want to take this chance to post Outfit of the Day shots. Constructive critisim will be gladly welcomed!

  • I would also like to post my thoughts on certain subjects, these things just take up my thoughts at night sometimes and I would like to share them. I will not be doing these posts quite yet. Not untill I feel comfortable with it.

  • I also want to post about the many arts and crafts I do. Such as, jewelry, sewing, cards, or whatever I feel like making at the moment.

  • Lastly, I want to post random photographs I took. I am not a professional at all. My camera is a simple point-and-shoot. I just like to take pictures of random things I find interesting or cute.

I know this seems pretty general, so here is a little more about myself so you can have some insight on what my posts will be like:

I attend San Francisco State University. I am Pilipino-American. I am very involved with many cultural organizations at school. Just to name the ones I am most involved with: Pilipino American Colligete Endevour (PACE) and Asian Student Union (ASU). I really like cute things. When I think of cute things I think of kawaii Japanese trinkets. I am into Gothic Lolita Fashion. Although I have not really been following many Anime and Manga recently, I am still into Anime and Manga. I like to attend conventions. I have been to Fanime and Anime on Display (AOD) and I would love to attend more! I really like arts and crafts. If I could have an unlimited supply of everything at JoAnn's, I would sit in my room crafting all day, everyday.

Well, that is it for now! Thank you for reading even though I wrote too much!

You can now get a glimpse at what my future posts will be like if you look at the posts before this one. They were all just moved from old blog posts and edited a little

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