Saturday, September 18, 2010


My mom bought the cutest cookie set I have ever seen and I just HAD to share it with all of you!

"Sugar Wafers: The easier, more delicious way to having or serving snacks. Perfect for ice cream. Goes well with puddings, cold and hot drinks, or with anything that needs crisp company."

"Fita Crackers: Tasty, dainty, bite-sized round crackers with a tangy flavor. Delicious with dips, beverages or just plain"

"Marie Biscuts: Real taste thrill, slightly sweetened, delicately flavored biscuits. Family favorites everywhere."

"Cream-filled Sand which: The original cream-filled sandwich. Two crisp cookies with just the right amount of cream filling. Serve with hot or cold beverages, ice cream, soft drinks."

And Sadly, there's no picture or description for the 5th cookie. This is what is says on the cookie itself though: "M Y San Cream Cracker Extra"

As the bucket said it's M.Y. San's Happy Time Jr. Assortment. I think that's the same company that makes Sky Flakes Crackers. (if you guys have heard of it, I'm unsure so please you let me know if you do)
I love how it's carousel themed and all the kids are holding their favorite cookie. There's descriptions on the bottom too!

So readers, do you buy cookie sets like this? What's your favorite cookie?


  1. These look so cute x3!!

    reply to your comment* I need prescription lenses too and my coloured contacts come with prescription! :D I find that prescription coloured contacts are better than non-coloured ones ..because it's hard for me to see if I've got them out or not if they're clear x3 ! You should try some coloured prescription contacts too :]

  2. this is so cute ^^ i love any cookies just normal chocolate chip is great :) and im glad yoi liked the knitting!

  3. I'd like to try them someday. I like freshly baked and iced Christmas cookies from Mom the best. :-)

  4. Thanks for commenting my blog :)

    Those cookies look yum and cute!

  5. these are adorable. i love cookies, especially sugar cookies.

  6. sugar wafers are <333!!! these cookies are from here, right? :) oh, i wish to meet you when you come home! do you have plans? ^_^


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