Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bucket List

For those of you who haven't heard the term yet. A bucket list is a list of things a person wants to do before they "kick the bucket" meaning die. It may be a little nicer to say wishlist though.... maybe I'll keep to that instead.
Here are just a few things on my list:
  • Learn another language
  • Wear an outfit i completely made and designed myself
  • Paint a room
  • Take a dancing class
  • Go to a zoo
  • Go to a petting zoo
  • Own my own business
  • Wear a dress everyday for a week
  • Throw a tea party and wear white cotton gloves with lace around the wrists
  • Wear a complete Lolita outfit
  • Go thrift shopping
  • Eat a whole ring pop
  • Go camping indoors
  • Make a Bento
  • Have a real picnic
  • Get on Television or some other form of media with a large audience
  • Visit the 7 wonders of the world
  • Travel to at least 2 countries from every continent except for Australia because that's impossible (so I have to go to Australia twice!)
  • Have a Lolita wardrobe large enough to wear Lolita daily
  • Wear a complete Gothic Lolita outfit
  • Wear a complete Pirate and Sailor themed Lolita outfit
  • Wear Lolita daily for at least a month

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