Friday, August 17, 2012

Pier 39 and Ice Cream

Another 'should have been posted earlier' post from 2011. My boyfriend and I went to hang out at Pier 39 again. We tend to go here when we want to hang out because he loves the ocean so much.

First we ate some ice cream at the Dreyer's there. I wish I could remember what flavors these are. I always try to choose something new unless I'm really craving a certain flavor (like chocolate). My boyfriend tends to like sherbet types.

We went behind the building away from the crowds to eat our ice cream and saw this old sign!

There were bar style seats overlooking this:

I played with the color contrast to make it look super blue. Tee Hee.

We saw some strange birds though. That shorter, darker bird kept following the seagull and squawking at it. I remember taking a video of it, so maybe I'll post it when I find it. Unless I forget...

I decided to take a picture in front of Hard Rock Cafe because I like how they have giant guitars. I can't remember if we ate there that day or not. My boyfriend really likes eating there, but me, not so much. I'm not big on burgers, but the foods are still pretty yummy.

I guess this could be considered an outfit post as well. It is from September 9, 2011.
Dress: From Ross 
Jacket: Forever 21 
Boots: Jessica Simpson from Macy's
Bag: Fossil


  1. That ice cream sign is super cute! I'm the opposite, I tend to always stick to flavours I've tried before, instead of trying new types >_<

    Cute outfit, I love yellow dresses - its such a cherry colour~

    1. Yup! I had to take a picture of the sign!

      Thank you! Yellow is my favorite color because it is so cherry!

  2. mm looks good!

  3. i love your boots ive always wanted to try hard rock cafe :p

    1. Thanks! I wear them a lot!
      I hope you get to try Hard Rock Cafe one day!

  4. I love seeing the sea lions over there. We always go to Pier 39 when we have visitors in town.

  5. Hey, the only hard rock i visited was Penang, Malaysia. Btw, I like your boots! :D

    Hope you could drop by my blog!

  6. anything overlooking water is a great place to be! great boots!


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