Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Closet Cleaning

So, it's been a while. I did say I would be gone for a week and a half for my so-cal trip, but I totally hadn't accounted for my closet cleaning. I dis have that planned for after my trip, so I should have known. I have been back reading your wonderful blogs, but had yet to make a post. I haven't prepared a Disneyland post yet, but here's what's been happening with my closet cleaning.

So, it's my family's walk in closet and I have my own little section in it. First we had to take everything out and organize it to see what we're keeping and what were throwing out. Then it turned out that we had some mildew on the walls behind where we had placed drawers. Those ended up blocking the ventilation. Also, since they were the walls sharing the exterior side they were always colder and encouraged moisture. We used a bleech/water solution to clean it off. It wasn't too hard actually. We wore gloves and masks to protect ourselves and made sure there was plenty of ventilation. After completely removing the mildew and letting it dry completely, we decided to paint it Ultra-Pure White. We also made sure to use a mildew resistant paint. So here's how it turned out!
Taken using iPhone
There's the before picture of the corner with some little spots if you can see them (I may have brightened the picture too much, sorry) and the after is just so much brighter! And my sister's bear has also returned to that top shelf. I didn't wear gloves for the painting process, so I got paint all over my hands. That picture is when I already removed the paint from my hands and the rest was still stuck on my nails.
So, after letting the paint dry for 24 hours, we began returning our clothes into the closet. I was trying to decide how to organize the clothes in my section and am deciding between two options.
The first is by type (skirts, cardigans, dresses, blouses, etc.) and color within type.

By Type/Color
The second is purely by color.
By Color

Haha, somehow the one by color looks much more organized. I also kind of took a better picture of the second one.
Anyways, which way do you think looks best? How do you organize your clothes?


  1. Right now my clothes are organized by type, but i would love to organize them by both type and color.

    1. You should try it! It makes it easier for me to find things, at least for me.

  2. nice closet organization!


    1. Thank You!
      I'll be sure to visit your site!

  3. my clothes are in a huge mess lol

    1. Haha, it's alright! We all have different styles of doing everything!


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